At Spetsas Buist, our dedicated personal injury trial attorneys fight for clients to get the justice and the compensation they deserve, proudly providing aggressive representation with a personal touch. Browse testimonials from our clients to learn about their experiences with our firm.

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  • Nick and Charles are respectful, intelligent, and hardworking. I 100% recommend them for your legal needs.
  • Charles and Nick are personable, caring and extremely professional. I would recommend them to anyone!
  • Nick and Charles are both phenomenal attorneys. Not only do they go out of their way to help their clients, but the attention to detail they give to them is unlike any other. These gentlemen have great work ethics. They take their time and try to find the best solution for you as an individual!
  • I consulted with Mr. Spetsas recently and was treated with respect and he gave me a full hour of his time. He listened patiently and asked me many questions. I felt like he truly cared about my problem and wanted to help me. I highly recommend him.
  • Charles Buist is an excellent attorney and a class act. Adding Charles to your trial team adds immense value to your case. I highly recommend Charles for any personal injury/wrongful death case.
  • I worked with Mr. Buist and Mr. Spetsas in regard to Florida-specific personal injury law, and they provided helpful advice for my case.