Our Mission

Our mission is to stand out in the legal market by holding our attorneys to the highest standard possible and providing the kind of service to our clients that we would want our family members to receive if they were seriously injured or lost a loved one.

Our Vision

Nick Spetsas and Charles Buist Personal Injury & Wrongful Death AttorneysThe vision of Spetsas Buist began when Nick and Charles were in law school together. They dreamed of creating something special and unique. They envisioned a boutique trial law firm that took on a limited number of cases to ensure they could provide their clients with top-tier legal services. 

Nick and Charles went to law school to become trial attorneys, and they wanted to create a business where they could leverage their public speaking and presenting skills—not just settle a high volume of cases. They wanted to create a law firm that treats clients like family and one that fights for clients like family. They wanted to create a law firm that isn’t intimidated and won’t back down—one where the attorneys are not afraid to take a case to trial to get clients the compensation they deserve. 

The vision evolved further when Nick and Charles entered private practice and realized that many people weren’t getting access to a real attorney because law firms, like many other types of businesses in America, were becoming more focused on efficiency, marketing, and finance rather than on the people they serve. Nick and Charles decided they wanted to fight this disturbing trend in the legal profession and bring back the personal and professional service that the practice of law was once known for. 

Spetsas Buist is the realization of their vision, and this vision guides Nick and Charles every day as they grow the Spetsas Buist family.

Our Goals

At our law firm, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer service to our clients, and we will always strive to improve every aspect of our business. Our firm gives clients direct access to an attorney, from the legal consultation until the case resolves. We communicate with our clients every step of the way, and we keep our clients informed about their cases. Under the ethical rules that regulate attorneys, we can’t guarantee a result, but we can guarantee effort, diligence, and aggressive representation. We can also guarantee that we will never stop learning and improving, and we will never stop caring about every single one of our cases. If we take your case, we’re all in, regardless of whether your case is big enough to be on a billboard or not.

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