Posted on Nov 29, 2023

A man was shot at 1801 MetroWest Apartments at 1801 South Kirkman Road in Orlando, Florida. The shooting allegedly took place in the parking lot of the apartment complex sometime in the evening on November 18, 2023. When authorities arrived, the victim was in critical condition. He is apparently still alive, but reports say he’s in “unstable condition.”

Firearm Homicide Rates in Florida

According to data from the Florida Department of Health, there were 1153 deaths from firearm homicide in 2021 alone. Of these killings, 78 occurred in Orange County, 38 occurred in Polk County, 16 occurred in Osceola County, 14 occurred in Seminole County, and 18 occurred in Lake County. Thus, Central Florida has its fair share of shooting deaths.

What Are Some Common Issues with Apartment Complexes that Make Crime More Likely?

common issues in negligent security cases infographicWhen someone is attacked at an apartment complex, the criminal’s is obviously wrong. However, the criminal may have never committed the crime had the apartment complex taken reasonable measures to protect guests. For example, many inadequate security cases at apartment complex stem from fixable issues, like:

  • Malfunctioning gates
  • Lack of security cameras
  • Lack of security personnel
  • Failure to expel trespassers
  • Tolerance of crime and criminals

When apartment complexes create an environment that fosters and attracts crime, they can’t simply avoid blame by pointing fingers at the criminal. Criminals are everywhere, and they choose specific places to commit crimes. They choose certain locations for a reason. Namely, certain areas provide a better environment for crime (easier prey, less likely to get caught, etc.).

What Can You Do If You’re Hurt at an Apartment Complex Because of Inadequate Security?

In Florida, apartment complex owners have a duty to implement reasonable security measures in the face of foreseeable crime. If they don’t and someone gets hurt as a result, the apartment complex can be held liable for a person’s injuries or death. These types of cases are called “negligent security” cases, and they’re a type of premises liability claim.

This stems from the fact that we don’t want people to create crime hot spots in our community just because they want to save some money. In other words, we don’t want people incentivized to try and make a little extra money at the cost of people’s safety. Instead, with the threat of negligent security out there, these folks have an incentive to take reasonable measure to protect visitors and guests.