Suffer a Limb Loss or Amputation? Our Orlando Injury Lawyers Can Fight for a Fair Recovery

Losing a limb, finger, or toe or needing an amputation after an accident can be devastating and affect all aspects of your life.  A limb loss injury claim can be pursued by those who have suffered a loss of limb or amputation due to another party's negligence or wrongful actions. 

The experienced personal injury lawyers at Spetsas Buist can assist victims who have lost a limb or digit. We can evaluate your legal options and protect your potential accident injury compensation. 

Accidents Resulting in Loss of Limbs or Amputations

Accidents that frequently lead to loss of limbs or amputations include:

Damages Awarded and Average Settlement Amounts

The loss of a limb is among the most severe and life-altering injuries an individual can endure. It can impact a person’s ability to work or perform job-related tasks. The loss of a limb or amputation is considered a permanent disability because it continues to affect one’s daily life indefinitely. 

The damages you could recover depend on the specific circumstances of the accident, how severe the injury was, and other factors. Types of damages may include the following:

  • Medical bills. Compensation may be awarded for past and future medical expenses related to the amputation, such as surgeries, hospital stays, and prosthetic devices.
  • Rehabilitation expenses. Costs associated with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other rehabilitation services due to the loss of the limb may be included in your settlement or court verdict.
  • Lost income. Compensation for income lost due to time off work and any future earning capacity lost due to the injury may be part of your recovery.
  • Home adaptations. Your compensation award may include the need for home modifications or adaptive equipment to accommodate the injury.
  • Pain and suffering. Non-economic damages may be awarded to compensate for physical pain, emotional suffering, and loss of quality of life resulting from the amputation.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. Compensation for losing the ability to engage in activities and hobbies enjoyed before the injury may be awarded.
  • Disfigurement. A loss of limb, finger, or toe is a disfigurement that can permanently alter a person’s physical appearance.

The compensation awarded in an injury amputation settlement depends on considerations such as the following:

  • Which limb was lost. The loss of a dominant limb or multiple limbs may result in higher compensation due to more significant impairment.
  • Severity of the injury. The extent of the amputation and any associated complications or disabilities will impact the amount of compensation.

The average injury amputation settlement amount can vary significantly depending on the factors mentioned above. Overall, the goal of compensation in limb loss injury claims is to provide financial support to help injured individuals rebuild their lives, cover ongoing medical expenses, and fully regain as much independence as possible.

How a Lawyer Can Help 

A lawyer experienced in handling limb loss injury claims can provide invaluable assistance by:

  • Investigating the accident or incident details to determine liability and identify all potentially responsible parties
  • Gathering evidence to support the claim, such as accident reports, medical records, expert testimony, statements from eyewitnesses, and photos or video of the accident scene and injury
  • Calculating the full extent of damages, including economic and non-economic losses
  • Negotiating with the insurance companies on behalf of the injured party
  • Pursuing litigation to seek maximum compensation if the insurance company does not settle the claim
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