Posted on Jan 13, 2023

A woman was arrested in connection with multiple violent attacks at North Charleston motels in October 2022. 22-year-old Brooklyn Mitchell was arrested on January 9, 2023 by north Charleston police and 19-year-old Markwon Stanley was arrested January 8, 2023. Police say both face several criminal charges, including murder.

The shooting occurred on October 26, 2022 at the Relax Inn on Ashley phosphate road. When the police arrived, they found the victim, Keyjuan Ford, who had been shot. Ford died from his injuries several weeks later.

Surveillance footage from the Relax Inn showed Mitchell and Stanley entering Ford’s room. Allegedly, Mitchell shot Ford in the torso before fleeing with money.

Mitchell and Stanley are also accused of robbing 4 people earlier in October 2022. The robbery occurred at the Red Roof Inn on Northwoods Boulevard in North Charleston. Apparently, the victims informed officers that two people, presumed to be Mitchell and Stanley, knocked at the door, claiming to be housekeeping. When the victims opened the door, two people rushed in and demanded money. Interesting, motel employees apparently were able to identify Mitchell because of numerous encounters with her.

Would an Attack at a South Carolina Motel Constitute Negligent Security?

Often times, the answer is an emphatic yes. Negligent security is a type of premises liability case that allows victims of criminal attacks due to the negligence of a landowner or motel owner to seek compensation in the civil law system for their damages. Similarly, a family may pursue a wrongful death case on behalf of a loved one who was killed at a motel due to the motel owner’s failure to take reasonable measure to deter or prevent foreseeable criminal attacks on the property.

What Can a South Carolina Motel Owner Do to Prevent Violence?

Our firm represents victims of criminal attacks, people who have been shot, stabbed, or assaulted, at hotels, motels, apartments, bars, restaurants, gas stations, and other business premises. Businesses owe their patrons a duty to take steps to deter foreseeable criminal activity on the property.

When appropriate, landowners and business owners should ensure proper lighting; install functioning security cameras; and take other reasonable safety measures to ensure the safety of patrons. When a business owner fails to take reasonable precautions and a patron is hurt as a result, this could serve as the basis of a negligent security claim.