Posted on Jun 30, 2023

A resident of Midlands, South Carolina, succumbed to his injuries a few days after a traffic incident involving a Sumter County sheriff's deputy, according to state authorities.

The 62-year-old man, Hercules Sharper from Sumter, passed away at the Prisma Health Richland hospital, as confirmed by Sumter County Coroner Robbie Baker on Tuesday.

The tragic incident occurred on U.S. 15/Lafayette Street, near downtown Sumter, just about 1.5 miles from Prisma Health Tuomey hospital. Sharper's death happened on Monday, five days after the accident, as reported by Lance Cpl. William Bennett from the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Two other individuals were also injured during the collision, which included the sheriff's deputy. They were also transported to the Richland County hospital, but their conditions remain unknown.

Officials detailed that around 5 p.m. on June 21, the deputy, driving a 2018 Ford SUV, deviated from the road on Lafayette Street, heading south. This led to a collision with a parked 2016 Kia sedan on private land and a utility pole.

Sharper, along with another individual, were standing near the parked vehicle at the time of the crash, Bennett reported. The impact caused both the Kia and the pole to hit Sharper, while the other person was struck by the car.

A post-mortem examination is slated for Thursday at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, Baker disclosed.

Details surrounding the circumstances that caused the deputy to leave the road are not currently available. Both Baker's office and the Highway Patrol are carrying out further investigations into the incident. There's also no information regarding whether the deputy was wearing a seat belt or the speed of the SUV at the time of the accident.

Details concerning any potential criminal charges or disciplinary action against the deputy are currently not available.

On Wednesday, the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office refrained from providing further comments on the incident due to the ongoing investigation. However, they expressed their sympathy for all those affected.

Around the time of the accident, the sheriff’s office was reportedly involved in a manhunt nearby. They were looking for an individual who had managed to escape custody while handcuffed and was on the run from deputies securing a crime scene.

By 7:45 p.m., the escapee had been apprehended and was transferred to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center, according to Bordeaux.

As of Sunday, there have been 471 fatalities on South Carolina roads in 2023, as per the data from the state Department of Public Safety. The previous year saw 1,091 fatalities from traffic incidents. In Sumter County alone, at least 15 fatalities have been reported in 2023, compared to 30 reported in the previous year, according to the same source.

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