Posted on Jul 20, 2023

An individual was injured following a pre-dawn incident involving gunfire at an apartment complex in Summerville. Law enforcement sources confirmed the event unfolded on Thursday, July 13, 2023. The shooting took place at the Waters at Oakbrook Apartments, situated close to Old Trolley Road in Summerville.

Law enforcement responded, and the injured party received medical attention. The individual was swiftly transported to a local hospital, though the current status of their condition remains unknown.

Investigative teams, including detectives and crime scene analysts, were deployed to the location of the incident. However, as the investigation remains ongoing, the police have yet to apprehend any suspects. The authorities have not been able to furnish any details about the assailant at this point.

Issues that Could Lead to Negligent Security Cases Against an Apartment Complex in South Carolina

Apartment complex owners have a duty to prioritize safety and security for their residents. Failing to fulfill this responsibility can make them liable in cases of negligent security. Let's explore some key factors that could potentially trigger lawsuits in South Carolina.

  • Insufficient Lighting: Inadequate or poor lighting creates an environment conducive to criminal activities. Property owners can be held accountable if they neglect to ensure well-lit communal areas and parking lots.
  • Lack of Security Personnel: Insufficient security staff or their inadequate training contribute to an unsafe environment, potentially leading to negligent security claims.
  • Inadequate Surveillance Systems: The absence of security cameras or malfunctioning surveillance systems can also result in negligent security lawsuits. Cameras act as a deterrent to potential crimes and aid in solving incidents when they occur.
  • Unsecured Access Points: Unprotected or easily accessible entry points pose significant security risks. Negligence in maintaining doors, gates, and windows may result in legal actions.
  • Failure to Address Prior Incidents: If property owners fail to respond appropriately to reported security issues or crimes, it can be a basis for a negligent security case.
  • Lack of Maintenance: Poorly maintained properties, including broken locks, windows, or other safety measures, can also be grounds for negligent security claims.
In South Carolina, apartment complex owners are obligated to provide a secure environment for their residents. Failure to do so can lead to severe legal consequences if their negligence results in harm or loss to tenants. To prevent such lawsuits, property owners should proactively address security concerns and adhere to the highest safety standards.