Posted on Jun 28, 2023

In the heartland of Charleston County, South Carolina, authorities from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office have taken two individuals into custody following a gunshot incident that transpired at a local gas station in Ladson.

Anthony Jamal Leonard, aged 35, along with Andrew Lamont Wade, aged 33, face serious charges of attempted murder, as indicated in a legal affidavit.

On the evening of June 23, 2023, around 7 o'clock, Charleston County's law enforcement deputies arrived on scene at a Marathon gas station situated on Ladson Road. This swift response came after the deputies detected gunfire while patrolling the vicinity, relayed by the sheriff's office spokesperson, Andrew Knapp.

The shoot-out was reportedly triggered by a heated dispute over a child custody exchange involving Leonard and Wade, Knapp further elaborates.

Although the incident left no one wounded, it was not without damage. At least one automobile was struck by the exchange of bullets, Knapp confirmed.

Following the incident, both Leonard and Wade were apprehended at the scene. They are now held in custody at the Al Cannon Detention Center without any provision for bail, as per Knapp's report.

Can You Bring a Negligent Security Lawsuit in South Carolina if You're Shot at a Gas Station?

Understanding Negligent Security

Negligent security is a legal term that describes a situation where a property owner fails to provide reasonable security measures, resulting in harm to individuals on their premises. It's a subset of premises liability law.

Requirements for a Negligent Security Claim

For a successful negligent security claim in South Carolina, several key elements must be proven:

  • The defendant owned or controlled the property;
  • The defendant was negligent in maintaining security;
  • This negligence directly led to the plaintiff's injury;
  • The plaintiff suffered damages as a result.

Application to Gas Station Shootings

If you're shot at a gas station, you may potentially file a negligent security lawsuit, but only if you can demonstrate that the property owner's negligence contributed to the incident. For example, if the gas station is located in a high-crime area and lacks adequate lighting or security personnel, this could potentially form the basis of a negligent security claim.

Legal Assistance

It's crucial to consult with a seasoned personal injury attorney who has experience with negligent security claims. They can help you navigate the complexities of the law and build a strong case.

Remember, each case is unique, and what applies in one situation might not apply in another. Legal counsel should always be sought for advice on specific cases.

Our Negligent Security Attorneys are Here to Fight for You

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