Posted on Jul 10, 2023

A disturbing scene unfolded at a gas station in Marion County where an individual was assaulted during an attempted carjacking.

Law enforcement officials from the Marion County Sheriff's Office are on a manhunt for the assailant who discharged a firearm at a person in a failed carjacking incident. The episode took place at the Petro gas station, situated off Highway 318, proximal to the Orange Lake exit on I-75, in the evening of Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

According to local deputies, the attacker singled out the unsuspecting victim while they were busy refueling their vehicle. The perpetrator then proceeded to threaten and try to seize the victim's car. However, the victim resisted the attempt, which led to the assailant resorting to violence.

Following the altercation, a bystander captured and shared a video on social media in which they narrate hearing two distinct gunshots. The footage then reveals a male figure at the gas station, appearing to bleed from his head.

Fortunately, despite the severe nature of the incident, the victim's injuries, while significant, were deemed not to be life-threatening.

Taking Legal Action: Negligent Security Lawsuits in Florida

If you've been shot at a convenience store, it's a shocking and traumatic event. However, it's important to know that you have legal options available. One of these is pursuing a negligent security lawsuit in Florida. This action might not just provide compensation for you, but it can also push businesses to improve their security measures.

Understanding Negligent Security

Negligent security is a form of liability where a property owner or an occupier could be held responsible if someone gets hurt on their premises due to inadequate security.

How it Applies to Florida

Florida law expects business owners to ensure the safety of their patrons. This includes having sufficient security measures to prevent incidents like shootings. If a business owner fails to provide a safe environment and you get hurt as a result, they could be held liable.

Pursuing a Lawsuit: Step-by-step

Taking legal action can seem daunting, especially after a traumatic event. However, there are clear steps to follow when pursuing a negligent security lawsuit in Florida.

Seek Legal Advice

Consult with a lawyer who specializes in negligent security cases. They can evaluate your case and guide you through the process.

Collect Evidence

You'll need to provide evidence that the security was inadequate. Photos, videos, eyewitness accounts, and police reports can all help build your case.

File the Lawsuit

Your lawyer will prepare the necessary paperwork to file the lawsuit against the property owner.

Remember, you don't have to navigate this process alone. Legal professionals can guide you through every step, fighting to get you the justice and compensation you deserve after such a horrific incident.

Immediate Steps After a Violent Attack at a Florida Gas Station

Getting violently attacked at a gas station is an extremely frightening and life-altering experience. Understanding what to do immediately following such an incident is crucial. Here are the steps you should follow:

Prioritize Your Safety

The first and foremost priority is your safety. If you're in immediate danger or seriously injured, call 911 right away. Make sure to get to a safe place as quickly as possible, such as inside a nearby store or your locked car.

Report the Incident

Once you're safe, contact local law enforcement. Reporting the attack ensures an official record of the incident. This report will be important later, especially if you decide to take legal action.

Seek Medical Attention

Regardless of how minor your injuries may seem, get medical attention immediately. Not only is this vital for your health, but the medical records can serve as evidence of your injuries if you decide to file a lawsuit.

Document Everything

Write down everything you can remember about the incident as soon as possible, while the details are fresh in your mind. If there are witnesses, try to get their contact information and statements. If you can safely do so, take pictures of the location and any visible injuries.

Consult with a Lawyer

Reach out to a lawyer as soon as you're able to. If you're considering pursuing a negligent security lawsuit, a legal professional can provide guidance and help determine if you have a case.

Being violently attacked is a traumatic event. Remember to take care of yourself first and reach out to professionals who can guide you through the legal process if you decide to pursue it.