Posted on Jul 20, 2023

Authorities in Panama City Beach, Florida, have provided additional details regarding the recent shooting on Saturday, July 15, 2023 at the city's Majestic Towers.

Two individuals have been detained following the incident at a local hotel. An 18-year-old woman was injured due to gunshot wounds in the incident that involved three men from out of state. The trio of suspects are identified as Damien Marrell Chhoeung, 20, Elijah Chhoeung, 19, and Hunter Hatfield, 21.

According to the official report, Damien Chhoeung unintentionally discharged the firearm while attempting to clean sand off it. He later confessed in a sworn statement that he had been consuming alcohol at the time of the event. The incident occurred on the 16th level of the resort with only one bullet being fired.

Damien Chhoeung has been charged with publicly displaying a firearm inappropriately, possession of cannabis, and manipulation of evidence. He is currently held on an $85,000 bond.

Meanwhile, both Elijah Chhoeung and Hatfield face charges of tampering with evidence. Both individuals have been set a bail amount of $25,000, with Hatfield having already posted his.

The Panama City Beach police department has clarified that the investigation into this matter is ongoing and that there may be further arrests related to this incident.

Can You Bring a Lawsuit in Florida for Negligent Security if You're Injured in a Hotel Shooting?

In Florida, individuals who are victims of violent crimes due to negligent security at a property, such as an apartment complex or hotel, may bring a lawsuit against the proprietor. This legal recourse is based on a concept known as "premises liability". Here, we break down the process of filing a negligent security lawsuit in Florida:

Understanding Negligent Security

Negligent security is a legal concept where the property owner is held accountable for certain crimes that occur on their property. This is due to their failure to provide adequate security measures that could have potentially prevented the crime. In situations like these, a Florida negligent security lawyer can guide you through the legal process.

The Role of Florida Negligent Security Lawyers

Florida negligent security lawyers play a crucial role in these cases. They investigate the incident, gather evidence, establish a strong case demonstrating the property owner's negligence, and advocate for the victim's rights in court.

The Process of Filing a Negligent Security Lawsuit in Florida

Filing a negligent security lawsuit in Florida involves several steps. The victim first needs to prove that a dangerous condition existed on the property and that the owner was, or should have been, aware of it. It also needs to be proven that the owner failed to address this issue, and this negligence led to the victim's injury.


Victims of violent crimes due to negligent security in Florida have legal rights and can seek justice via a lawsuit. Having a Florida negligent security lawyer on your side can considerably increase the chances of a successful outcome.