Posted on Jun 28, 2023

Situated in Mount Dora, Florida, a lady implicated in the slaying of an elderly couple residing in a senior community apartment is now officially facing murder charges. Vickie Williams, at the age of 50, received her formal indictment this past Wednesday, on counts of first-degree murder and grand theft. The incident occurred on December 31, 2022.

The responding officers from the Mount Dora Police Department found the retired couple, Darryl and Sharon Getman, in their 80s, fatally stabbed within their living quarters at the Waterman Village senior community on the last day of the year.

Apparently, Williams was escorted out by security from the community premises a day before New Year's Eve, only to be spotted reentering the same evening.

Following this, Williams approached an apartment, knocked on its door, and requested the occupant for permission to shower. On hearing this unusual request, the inhabitant triggered an alarm. In response, the woman hastily grabbed a set of keys and escaped.

The automobile belonging to the Getmans was spotted leaving the community in the early hours of the subsequent day. Later, authorities apprehended Williams at the wheel of the same vehicle.

In a press briefing, it was suggested that the incident was a sporadic act of crime, presuming the assailant was just a transient passerby in a tragic, rare occurrence.

Williams is currently held without bail at the Lake County correctional facility.

Can You Bring A Lawsuit For Negligent Security If You're Attacked On A Business Premises?

In the realm of legal obligations, a term often mentioned is "premises liability." This principle obligates property owners to sustain a reasonably safe environment for individuals who visit or occupy their premises. A subsection of premises liability is negligent security, which applies when inadequate security measures result in a person falling victim to a violent crime or theft.

A proprietor is expected to foresee potential hazards and take necessary actions to prevent harm to visitors or patrons. However, when they fail to implement sufficient security measures - such as surveillance cameras, proper lighting, security personnel, or functioning locks - and an individual gets attacked or harmed, it can be deemed negligent security.

Victims of such incidents may be entitled to file a lawsuit for negligent security. This typically occurs when a person has experienced a violent encounter or robbery on commercial property, and the owner's lax security measures can be demonstrated as a contributing factor to the incident.

However, pursuing a successful negligent security lawsuit requires proving several key factors. The victim must demonstrate that the property owner had a duty of care, failed to meet that duty by neglecting to provide adequate security, and this negligence directly resulted in the victim's injury or loss.

Thus, while tragic, an attack on a business premises can indeed result in a negligent security lawsuit, provided that the legal requirements are adequately fulfilled. It's always advisable for victims in such circumstances to consult with a qualified attorney to guide them through the complex process.

Such legal recourse serves dual purposes - it provides a means for victims to seek compensation for their ordeal, and it also acts as a deterrent, prompting property owners to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their premises.

Do You Need a Florida Negligent Security Attorney?

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