Posted on May 31, 2023

A distressing incident occurred this week in South Carolina, where a tanker truck and school bus collided, leading to the hospitalization of several students.

There is VIDEO FOOTAGE of this accident that shows just how serious the collision was. 

The accident took place at around 4 p.m. on Thursday, May 25, 2023, when a school bus from the Lexington County School District One, filled with students from the same county, was part of the collision.

The district confirmed that the bus was transporting students from Gilbert Middle and Gilbert High Schools at the time of the incident. A representative from the Lexington Medical Center reported that the hospital admitted 17 children and one adult in stable condition. After undergoing evaluations and receiving treatment, they were discharged.

The Lexington County School District One confirmed that over 30 students and a driver were on the bus at the time of the collision.

What to Do After a Loved One is Injured in a School Bus Accident in South Carolina

The news of a loved one, particularly a child, being involved in a school bus accident can be devastating and overwhelming. It's a challenging time filled with fear, worry, and uncertainty. However, it's crucial to remember that your actions following such an incident can make a significant difference in the recovery and well-being of your loved one. Here are some things you can do when a loved one is injured in a school bus accident in South Carolina.

Ensure Immediate Medical Attention:

Ensure that your loved one receives immediate medical attention, irrespective of the severity of the visible injuries. Some injuries might not present symptoms immediately but can lead to complications if not addressed promptly.

Stay Informed:

Get as much information as you can from the authorities, hospital, and school about the accident. This includes understanding the nature of the injuries, treatments administered, and the circumstances of the accident.

Contact Your Insurance Provider:

Inform your health insurance provider about the accident and understand what costs are covered under your policy. This will help you navigate medical bills and any necessary follow-up care.

Document Everything:

Make sure to keep a detailed record of everything related to the accident and the subsequent medical care. This includes medical reports, bills, correspondence with the school and insurance companies, and any other related documents.

Seek Legal Counsel:

School bus accidents can often have complicated legal aspects. It might be beneficial to consult with a legal expert who specializes in personal injury or traffic accident cases to understand your rights and possibly pursue a claim.

Maintain Communication with the School:

Stay in regular contact with the school administration. They should be able to provide updates about the investigation and any changes in policy or procedure that result from the accident.

Psychological Support:

Physical injuries are often the primary focus following an accident, but the psychological impact should not be underestimated, especially in children. Professional counseling might be necessary to help your loved one cope with the traumatic experience, especially if they were injured or witnessed their friends getting injured.

Advocate for Safety:

Work with the school, local authorities, and community to advocate for improved safety measures. This can help prevent similar accidents in the future and could serve as a productive outlet for your concern.

In these challenging times, remember that it's okay to ask for help and lean on your support network. Caring for a loved one following such a traumatic event can be difficult, but with the right steps, you can ensure they receive the necessary care and support for a full recovery.

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