Posted on May 19, 2023

A noteworthy incident occurred at Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction in November 2022. A 69-year-old male visitor reportedly fell and injured his right arm and shin while attempting to board the boat for the ride. The specifics of the incident remain largely undisclosed; however, it was noted that the man lost his footing during the boarding process.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride, a beloved fixture at Disney theme parks worldwide, takes guests on a boat ride through various pirate-themed scenarios. While boarding this water-based ride, one must step down into a gently bobbing boat from the platform. It is in this process that the guest reportedly lost his balance and fell, resulting in the injury.

Steps to Take After Sustaining an Injury at an Orlando Amusement Park

So, you're in Orlando, right? This place is buzzing with some of the most famous amusement parks on the planet. People from all corners of the world flock here for the thrill and joy these parks offer. But let's face it, sometimes things can go sideways and accidents can happen. Now, if you or your buddy gets injured at one of these parks, here's what you should consider doing:

First things first, take care of yourself. If you're hurt, alert the park staff immediately and ask for medical help. And if the injury looks serious, don't think twice—dial 911 or rush to the closest hospital. Pro tip: Take pictures of your injuries and keep a tab on all medical records and bills—you'll need them later.

Next up, you need to report the incident. Get in touch with the park's security or customer service and give them the rundown of what happened. They'll usually fill out an official report—make sure to get a copy of that for your files.

It's always a good idea to have your own set of records. So, jot down everything you can remember about the accident—where it happened, what the situation was, any potential risks, and so on. Snap some photos of the site if you can. And if there were other people around who saw what happened, grab their contact info and note down their accounts.

Now, throughout all this, remember to cooperate with the park officials. They'll probably want to do their own investigation, and your cooperation could be crucial, not only for their records but also if you need to file any claims later on.

In the midst of all the chaos, you might be handed some paperwork to sign. Hold on! Don't put pen to paper without knowing exactly what you're signing. These could be waivers or statements that might impact your legal rights. When in doubt, get a lawyer to look over it.

Speaking of which, give your insurance company a heads up about the incident. They can guide you through the steps for claiming your medical expenses.

And lastly, if the injury is pretty severe or if you'll need a long time to recover, think about talking to a personal injury lawyer. They'll help you navigate through your rights and could help you get compensated. Look for a lawyer who's got experience with amusement park injuries or premises liability.

Just remember, every situation is different, and these steps are just a broad guideline. Your actions should depend on the specifics of your situation. The bottom line is, put your health first, then document everything and report the incident to protect your rights. Stay safe!