Posted on Aug 17, 2023

In the Florida Panhandle, a tragic incident occurred at a Home Depot store where a man carried out an attack, resulting in the loss of a woman's life.

Local authorities in Pensacola, Florida, reported that on Friday, August 11, 2023, a man initiated gunfire inside a Home Depot outlet. The incident led to the unfortunate death of a woman. Upon reaching the location, deputies and police officers discovered the woman who had sustained fatal injuries. Additionally, two other individuals suffered minor injuries, as confirmed by the Escambia County Sheriff's Office.

Law enforcement promptly apprehended the individual responsible for the shooting. The sheriff's office revealed that the shooter and the victim were acquainted, indicating that the attack was not a random act of violence.

Representatives from Home Depot clarified that the deceased woman was employed as a third-party contractor, not as a store employee. At present, no further details regarding the incident have been disclosed.

How to Pursue a Negligent Security Case After Getting Shot at a Store

Becoming a victim of a shooting at a retail store can be an unimaginably traumatic experience. When this kind of incident happens, there may be a basis for pursuing a negligent security claim against the store. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of seeking legal recourse.

What Is Negligent Security?

Negligent security refers to a situation where a property owner or manager fails to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of customers, employees, and others on the premises. This negligence can lead to a breach in security, resulting in serious harm or injury.

Steps to Take After a Shooting Incident

Seek Medical Attention:

The first priority should always be your health and well-being. Ensure that you receive immediate medical care for any injuries sustained.

Contact the Authorities:

It's crucial to report the incident to law enforcement, as they will conduct an investigation and gather essential evidence.

Gather Evidence Yourself:

If possible, take photographs of the scene, obtain witness statements, and preserve any other relevant evidence.

Consult an Attorney:

Contacting a personal injury lawyer with experience handling negligent security cases will be vital in assessing your legal options and building a strong case.

Building a Negligent Security Case

To build a strong negligent security case, it's essential to show that the store owner or manager failed to provide adequate security measures. This can include a lack of surveillance cameras, insufficient lighting, absence of security personnel, or failure to respond to previous security threats. Your attorney can help identify these shortcomings and gather the necessary evidence to demonstrate negligence.

Determine Liability:

Identifying who is liable for the incident will be essential. This might include the store owner, security company, or other responsible parties.

Prove Negligence:

You must demonstrate that the responsible parties failed to take reasonable security measures, leading to the incident.

Show Causation:

Linking the negligence to the injury sustained is a crucial aspect of building a robust case.

Assess Damages:

Compile evidence of medical expenses, loss of income, emotional trauma, and other damages you may have suffered.


Pursuing a negligent security case after getting shot at a store can be a complex and challenging process. Ensuring you follow these steps and consult with an expert legal professional can significantly increase your chances of success. Don't hesitate to seek legal advice to explore your options and protect your rights.