Posted on Jan 17, 2023

Troopers say that a pedestrian died on Friday, January 13, 2023 at around 7:50 p.m. after being hit by a vehicle in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. According to sources, the pedestrian was crossing Highway 41 near Hemingway, South Carolina when the pedestrian was hit by a driver traveling north. Tragically, the victim later died at Kingstree Memorial Hospital.

Critical Steps in Handling a South Carolina Pedestrian Accident Case

In every South Carolina pedestrian accident case, there are several critical steps to ensure that valuable evidence is obtained and preserved. Getting this evidence early on in a case involving and automobile versus a pedestrian can greatly impact the value of the case.

  • Send out letters of preservation;
  • Inspect the vehicle at the earliest opportunity;
  • Inspect the scene of the accident at the earliest opportunity;
  • Request and accident report (FOIA request);
  • When necessary, hire a private investigator;
  • When necessary, hire an accident reconstruction expert;
  • Obtain medical records and ER records.

The steps above are steps we take. These are things your lawyer can do to maximize the value of your case. However, there are also things you can do to preserve the value of your personal injury claim, including the following:

  • Take pictures and video of everything at the scene of the accident;
  • Do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company without talking to your lawyer;
  • Do not sign anything the insurance company asks you to sign without talking to your lawyer;
  • Do not talk about your accident on social media;
  • Do not talk about your case with anyone other than your attorney.

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