Posted on Nov 27, 2023

shots being poured at bar like one where shooting occurred in Greenville, SC on November 26, 2023A deadly shooting occurred at a bar on Pendleton St. in Greenville, SC a little before 11:00pm on Sunday, November 26, 2023. The bar is called Red @ 28th, and it’s located at 1237 Pendleton Street.

When the police arrived on the scene, there was a man suffering a gunshot wound who tragically died at the scene. The man was later identified as 38-year-old Keyon Devon Deshawn Robinson. No information has been released about the shooter at this time; however, the incident just happened, and I’m sure we’ll learn more over the next few days.

Greenville, SC Violent Crime Statistics

According to data from the Greenville Police Department, violent crime is fairly infrequent in Greenville, South Carolina, and it’s generally considered to be a very safe city. In 2022, there were 4 incidents of murder or nonnegligent manslaughter, down from 7 incidents in 2021 and 8 in 2020. Although Greenville is a usually a safe place, bad things can happen, and when a violent crime is due to improper security measures, victims may have the right to pursue compensation via a negligent security claim.

Pursuing a Negligent Security Claim After a Shooting at a Bar in South Carolina

Victims of bar shootings can sometimes be the victims of both negligence and crime. Where the criminal side of the law punishes the criminal actor, the person that shot the victim, the civil side of the law may hold the bar liable for not properly securing the property and protecting guests from foreseeable crime.

Under South Carolina law, business owners, including bar and restaurant owners, have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their patrons. If they fail to implement reasonable security measures to protect guests, they may be held liable, and you may be entitled to compensation from their insurance.

common issues in negligent security cases infographicEvery case is different. However, there’s a series of steps that you can take to help your claim in most South Carolina negligent security cases.

  1. Report the Incident: Make sure you call the proper authorities and get a report. A police report provides an official record of what happened and when it happened.
  2. Seek Medical Attention: This almost goes without saying. However, if you’re seriously injured in a violent attack, you need to be sure to get medical treatment. This helps to not only ensure your safety and wellbeing, but medical records can also provide additional documentation regarding the incident that can be useful down the road if you choose to pursue a claim.
  3. Gather Evidence: Evidence comes in many forms. However, you can use your phone to take pictures and videos of the scene of the crime. That way, you have a snapshot of the scene just as it was when you were injured.
  4. Consult with an Attorney: Talk to a lawyer at as soon as you can. Most firms, including ours, will give you a free consultation so that you can discuss details with a lawyer and get a clear picture of the path forward.
  5. File a Claim: If the evidence supports a claim for negligent security, you and your lawyer can file a claim and even a lawsuit, if necessary. You have 3 years in South Carolina to file your claim, and this is sometimes called the statute of limitations. If you don’t file within that time period, you can lose your right to seek compensation.
  6. Discovery: The discovery phase of a lawsuit is when the parties exchange information and documents relevant to the case. This is also the time during which the lawyers may want to take depositions of the parties, witnesses, and anyone else who can give useful testimony.
  7. Negotiation: A lot of these cases will settle before trial. Thus, just because you file a lawsuit, it doesn’t mean you’ll end up in court.
  8. Trial: Of course, sometimes these cases won’t resolve without a trial. If trial is necessary to get justice, your lawyers can prepare to present your case in court.

This can be a long and challenging road. Insurance companies don’t want to pay claims. In the event they do agree to pay, they often won’t pay the real value of the case. However, they’ll often become more reasonable as trial gets closer. So, if you can hang on and deal with the process, you can get justice under many circumstances with the help of negligent security lawyers.