Posted on Jan 12, 2023

On January 7, 2023 at around 10:55 a.m., there was a fatal 18-wheeler crash in Anderson, South Carolina. State Troopers say that 54-year-old Donald Williams was driving a Ford truck north on Highway 29 when he collided with the driver of an 18-wheeler traveling south. Tragically, Mr. Williams passed away at the scene of the trucking accident.

Truck Drivers Are Held to a Higher Standard Than Most Drivers

Tractor trailers are very dangerous, especially on 2-lane roads where there’s not much room to maneuver. These semi trucks travel at the same speeds as other vehicles on the road, but they can weigh 80,000 lbs. As a result, these vehicles can cause serious damage in a truck accident crash. Additionally, the blind spots on semi tricks are more difficult to deal with than with other vehicles, and other drivers on the road can be hurt or killed as a result of an improper lane change or other improper maneuvers on the road. That’s why commercial vehicle drivers must go through a tough screening process to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Therefore, driver errors that would not be as serious when committed in an everyday automobile could cause a deadly crash when committed behind the wheel of a tractor trailer.

What Evidence Matters Most in a South Carolina Trucking Accident Case?

Our experienced team of semi truck accident lawyers represent victims who have been injured in semi-truck and 18-wheeler accidents. We also represent South Carolina families who have lost their loved ones as a result of a semi-truck accident.

Gathering and preserving evidence as soon as possible is often a crucial step in litigating a trucking accident or wrongful death case in South Carolina. Below are some of the types of evidence that are most critical in any trucking accident case.

  • Dash Cam Video
  • Black Box Data
  • Witness Testimony
  • Inspections of Vehicles
  • Inspections of Accident Scene
  • Hours of Service Logbook
  • Toxicology Reports

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