Posted on Mar 11, 2024

On Sunday, March 3, 2024, a 6-year-old child suffered a gunshot wound to the head after another shooting at Cross Creek Apartments located at 325 Ambrose Run, Beaufort, SC 29906. The child, Frankie Martin Washington, ultimately died of his injuries after being taken to the hospital.

shooting at Cross Creek Apartments in Beaufort, SCAccording to the Island Packet, Beaufort police are frequently called out to this particular apartment complex. A quick search of Cross Creek Apartments reveals that a 3-year-old child was shot and killed there in October 2023, and another shooting in April 2023 took the life of a 21-year-old.

Problem Apartment Complexes in South Carolina

Apartment complexes that lack proper security are a burden on the local community. There’s extensive evidence out there that shows these places increase crime in the community, use up police resources, and hinder economic development. Ultimately, property owners that fail to implement security can be sued for negligent security if someone gets hurt, and the long history of criminal activity on the property could expose them to serious liability.

These Apartments Use Up Police Resources

Common negligent security issues in South Carolina infographicProblem hotels, motels, and apartment complexes use up police resources. In other words, these business pocket the money they would spend on security, and they let your tax dollars pay to clean up the mess they make. It’s a win win for them, but it’s bad for the Beaufort community. Ultimately, instead of responding to folks in the community that need help, the police are often tied up dealing with criminal activity at these types of businesses.

High-Crime Apartments Deter Economic Development

In an article by Karin Schmerler, “Disorder at Budget Motels,” the author talks about the numerous issues caused by problem hotels and motels. One of the big issues with these high crime businesses is that they hinder economic development. Ultimately, if a business is looking for a place to go, they don’t want to be anywhere near a high-crime apartment complex or motel. It’s just common sense.

More People Hurt in the Community

These businesses with multiple shootings and high crime attract criminals like garbage attracts flies. When someone sues these businesses for negligent security, they often want to point their finger at the criminal and claim it’s not their fault. However, criminals are strategic. They choose places to commit crimes based on a number of factors, and a lack of security measures is a big factor for criminals.

If you hang up meat in your back yard and bring wolves to the area, you can’t then blame the wolf when someone gets attacked in your yard. These businesses ultimately create no-go zones in our communities. However, a negligent security lawsuit is a way for victims at these places to get justice and hold the property owner accountable for creating a dangerous environment.