Florida Online Traffic Crash Reports

Florida-car-accidentObtaining a copy of the crash report is essential if you have been injured in a Florida car accident. This report contains crucial information that details the specifics of the accident and can be used to support your injury claim. Our experienced Orlando car accident attorneys at Spetsas Buist can help you obtain the crash report online and fight to ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

How to Buy a Crash Report

When a traffic accident occurs in Florida, obtaining a crash report to document the incident and ensure that all relevant parties have access to the necessary information is crucial. To purchase a crash report online in Florida, you can follow these steps:

Visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) Website

The FLHSMV website serves as the primary portal for obtaining crash reports. Users should navigate to the Crash Report Portal to find information on purchasing reports and access the necessary forms.

Determine Eligibility

Before purchasing a crash report, verifying if you are eligible to access the report is essential. Reports are not made available to the public. There are only specific parties that have a right to obtain a crash report, such as the following:

  • Parties directly involved in the accident
  • Legal representatives of the party involved in the crash
  • Insurance companies
  • Law enforcement agencies 
  • Local, state, and federal agencies
  • FCC-licensed radio or television stations
  • Third party acting on behalf of the party involved in the crash

In addition, you will need to provide proof of eligibility. This is done by entering a valid driver’s license number and the state that issued it.

Enter the Required Information

To locate the specific crash report you need, enter essential details such as the crash date, location, and the parties involved. Accurate information is crucial to ensure you receive the correct report.

Pay the Applicable Fee

To obtain the crash report, users will need to pay a fee. The fee for a crash report is $10.00 per report. Credit cards are the accepted payment method for online transactions. 

Download the Crash Report

Once the payment is processed, you can download the crash report online. Reports are immediately available and must be downloaded within 48 hours of your request. You will be emailed a link to download the report.

How to Report a Traffic Crash

After a car crash, it is essential to report to the Florida Highway Patrol or police immediately. Reporting is not just a legal requirement in Florida but is also a fundamental responsibility that helps ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals involved in a traffic incident. According to state law in Florida, there are specific situations in which reporting an accident is mandatory. These include:

  • Death or injury. One of the most critical reasons for immediate reporting is when an accident results in death or injury. The safety and health of all parties involved in the accident are paramount. Prompt reporting allows for swift medical assistance and legal intervention, helping to address the consequences and potential liabilities associated with such accidents.
  • Hit-and-run accident. Hit-and-run accidents, where a driver leaves the scene without stopping to provide necessary information or render aid, pose a significant threat to public safety. Reporting these incidents is crucial for law enforcement to track down and apprehend the responsible party. This ensures accountability and justice for the victims.
  • Accident caused by an intoxicated driver. Accidents caused by intoxicated drivers are particularly dangerous and often result in severe injuries or fatalities. Reporting such accidents immediately enables law enforcement to conduct sobriety tests and gather evidence necessary to prosecute the intoxicated driver, discouraging drunk driving and potentially saving lives.
  • Property damage over $500. While property damage is not as severe a problem as injuries or fatalities, it can still have significant financial and personal implications for those involved. Reporting accidents that result in property damage over $500 is essential for insurance claims, determining fault, and ensuring that responsible parties cover the costs of repairs or replacements.

An experienced Florida car accident lawyer at Spetsas Buist can help you protect your rights and compensation. A lawyer can ensure the crash is reported correctly and assist you in obtaining a copy of the crash report if you cannot do so for yourself. They can use the crash report as valuable evidence to support your claim and prove liability