Driver of golf cart in golf cart accident in FloridaGolf carts have left the golf courses, and now they’re on the streets. If you don’t believe me, you can drive around any number of residential communities in Florida, and you’ll probably see a golf cart riding around on the road. In communities like The Villages, golf carts are just as popular as automobiles.

It’s easy to understand why golf carts are so popular in Florida. They are relatively inexpensive; they’re comfortable; they’re quiet; and they are environmentally friendly. They’re a super convenient way to get around when you need to travel a short distance.

However, golf carts are also dangerous because they do not have the same safety features as automobiles. For example, golf carts have open sides, and this can be hazardous to occupants. Additionally, golf carts roll over easily, especially if turned too sharply at a high enough speed. Furthermore, golf carts are not designed to take an impact from another vehicle.

When you put golf carts on the road with cars and trucks, it’s inevitable that some of these car versus golf cart collisions will occur. Additionally, with more golf carts out on the road, there will be more golf cart versus golf cart crashes. This puts golf cart passengers in a very dangerous situation because these types of crashes happen all the time, especially in Florida.

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Now, let’s talk more about steps you can take to protect yourself and your injury claim after you’ve been in a golf cart accident in Florida.

A Quick Summary of What to Do When You Get Into a Golf Cart Accident in Florida

Here’s a quick summary of what to do after you get into a golf cart accident in Florida:

  • Get medical attention;
  • Report the golf cart accident;
  • Get the contact information and insurance information of the driver of the car or golf cart that hit you;
  • Get the contact info of any witnesses to the golf cart accident;
  • Take pictures and video of everything at the scene of the accident;
  • Don’t give statements to the insurance company without your attorney;
  • Contact a golf cart accident lawyer at the earliest opportunity.

Now, let’ talk about each of these steps in greater detail.

Step 1: Get Medical Attention

Whether or not you think you’ve been seriously injured in a golf cart accident, we would suggest that you seek medical attention. Immediately after you have been in a golf cart accident, car accident, or trucking accident, you may not feel the pain of your injuries because of your adrenaline. Accidents can trigger your fight or flight response, and this can mask pain for hours or even days. Hence, you may not know you’re hurt until the day after the accident. Accordingly, it’s a good idea to seek medical treatment soon after a golf cart accident.

You could seek treatment at the emergency room or at an urgent care, or you could schedule an appointment with your doctor. Regardless of where you seek treatment, it’s a good idea to let a doctor get a look at you after you’ve been in a serious accident. That way, you can be sure that your injuries are properly addressed.

Step 2: Report the Golf Cart Accident

You should always contact the authorities after a serious accident involving any vehicle because you want to make sure a police report is created. Although a police report is not typically admissible in court, it can help you in pursuing an injury claim, and it’s a great way to make sure there is a record of the accident. Moreover, if anyone is seriously injured, a call to the authorities will ensure that emergency medical personnel arrive at the scene as soon as possible.

Step 3: Get the Contact and Insurance Information of the At Fault Driver

After any vehicle accident, including golf cart accidents, it’s critical that you have the insurance information and the contact information of the other drivers involved. That way, you have the basic information you need to pursue an injury claim.

Step 4: Get the Contact Information of Any Witnesses to the Golf Cart Accident

Witnesses can provide extremely valuable and helpful evidence in the form of testimony or affidavits. However, if you can’t find a witness, that evidence is not going to be available to you. Thus, you should try to collect the contact information of any witnesses to your golf cart accident. A driver’s license, business card, phone number, or email address can ensure that you have that person’s contact information when you need it.

Step 5: Take Pictures and Videos of Everything at the Scene of the Golf Cart Accident

Pictures and video of the scene of the accident and damage to the vehicles can be extremely helpful evidence. However, this type of evidence can disappear quickly. Therefore, while you’re at the scene of the golf cart accident, take pictures and video of everything you can. If you’re too injured to document the scene, ask someone to do it for you.

Step 6: Do Not Give Statements to the Insurance Companies

Anything you say or do could be used against you in your golf cart accident case. Accordingly, you should say as little as possible to the insurance folks to avoid damaging your injury claim. Although you may have guessed that the other driver’s insurance company will try to minimize your injury claim, you should understand that any statement you give regarding the accident could be used against you. Even things you say to your own insurance company could potentially cause you problems. Thus, as a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to discuss the details of your golf cart accident case with your attorney and nobody else.

Step 7: Contact an Orlando Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

The earlier you contact a golf cart accident attorney, the better. As we have talked about, evidence tends to disappear quickly. Therefore, it helps your golf cart accident case if you can get an attorney to perform an investigation as soon as possible after the accident. Additionally, if you have an attorney there to guide you through your injury claim, you can properly fight the insurance company and be sure that your rights are protected.

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