The Devastating Impact of Truck Accidents in Florida

How to Calculate a Truck Accident Settlement in FloridaTruck accidents in Florida often lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities due to the size and weight of large commercial vehicles. When collisions occur between these massive trucks and smaller vehicles, the occupants of the smaller vehicles face a higher risk of severe injuries or even death.

Understanding the Value of a Truck Accident Claim in Orlando, Florida

Each truck accident claim is unique, which makes it impossible to value a case without analyzing the specific facts of that case. At our law firm, our experienced Florida truck accident attorneys meticulously research and analyze the factors that impact your claim's value. Our goal is to maximize the compensation you are entitled to receive for your truck accident injuries.

Key Factors Affecting the Value of a Truck Accident Claim in Florida

To settle a personal injury claim for a truck accident, it's crucial to calculate the claim's value, which includes compensation for financial damages and noneconomic (pain and suffering) damages. Several factors can influence the value placed on your truck accident claim.

Severity and Type of Injuries

Truck accidents can lead to traumatic injuries and permanent disabilities. Generally, the more severe the injury, the higher the claim's value. The severity and type of injuries impact the value of your claim for several reasons:

  • Severe and catastrophic injuries typically result in higher financial damages. Medical expenses, personal care, and loss of income increase as the injury's severity increases.
  • Permanent disabilities significantly raise the value of a claim due to the victim's future damages for ongoing care and loss of income.
  • Mental and emotional distress caused by a severe injury intensifies as a person's life changes forever due to a permanent impairment or disability.

Financial Damages

Total financial losses influence your claim's value. In most truck accident claims, victims are entitled to recover full compensation for all financial losses and expenses related to the accident, their injuries, and their recovery. However, proving financial damages may be challenging in a truck accident claim.

Current expenses for medical treatment and loss of income can be substantiated through copies of medical bills, invoices, receipts, and statements from employers. Estimating future damages, however, is more difficult. Medical and financial experts are often required to determine the cost of future medical treatment and the amount a person can expect to lose in income and earning potential due to their injuries.

Comparative Fault Allegations

In Florida, a person's compensation for a truck accident can be reduced if that person contributed to the accident's cause. If you are partially to blame for the truck crash, the value of your truck accident claim decreases by the percentage of fault assigned to you. Insurance companies often use comparative fault to mitigate their damages and may attempt to blame the accident victim for contributing to the crash. Our Florida truck accident lawyers are familiar with this tactic and aggressively fight to protect your right to full compensation for all damages.

Insurance Coverage

Commercial trucks are required to carry minimum truck insurance requirements under state and federal laws. However, minimum insurance limits for commercial vehicles may not be sufficient to cover all damages in a truck accident claim. It is essential to explore all avenues of compensation in a truck accident case. Identifying each party potentially liable for your injury claim increases the chance of receiving maximum value for your truck accident settlement.

Hiring the Right Florida Truck Accident Attorney for You

Insurance companies are familiar with various truck accident attorneys in Orlando. They know which law firms consistently settle claims and which lawyers won't hesitate to file a truck accident lawsuit and take the matter to court if necessary to protect their clients' best interests.

When an insurance company recognizes that a truck accident lawyer is committed to their client's case and won't settle for a quick payout, the insurance company may be more inclined to offer a higher settlement. Thus, hiring an experienced Florida truck accident law firm with a reputation for aggressively pursuing claims on behalf of its clients can help increase the value of a settlement.

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