When you've been injured in an accident, the last thing you want to deal with is the ensuing legal and insurance paperwork. That's why you need a professional, like an attorney at Spetsas Buist PLLC, on your side.

Our law firm, based in Orlando, Florida, is well-versed in personal injury cases. We're here to help accident victims across Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina get the settlement they deserve.

Personal Injury Settlement Offers in Florida

Determining the value of a personal injury claim is a nuanced process. Unfortunately, no hard-and-fast formula exists to calculate the worth of a case. Insurance companies are profit-driven entities and are notorious for offering less than fair settlements, particularly if you're not represented by an attorney.

However, don't fret. At our law firm, we're committed to helping you navigate the settlement process. We will do everything in our power to ensure your rights are upheld and you receive a fair settlement offer.

Factors to Evaluate Regarding an Injury Settlement Offer

When evaluating a settlement offer, we use our knowledge, experience, and legal skills to consider factors similar to those a jury would evaluate when assigning a value to your case. Such factors include some of those we’ve listed below.

Medical Expenses

We account for your total medical bills, including what you've paid out of pocket.

Healthcare Costs

We take into consideration your past and future health care expenses associated with the accident.

Property Damage

We evaluate the nature and extent of any property damage resulting from the incident.

Recovery Time

We consider the time it took you to heal from your injuries.

Pain and Suffering

Your past and future pain and suffering are factored into your claim.

Long-Term Effects

We evaluate any long-term or permanent disabilities, limitations, or scarring you may have incurred.


We scrutinize the clarity of the other party's fault and evaluate any fault attributable to you.

Trial Preparation

An additional factor that impacts the value of your claim is our preparedness for trial. At Spetsas Buist PLLC, we're seasoned in trial representation. We present your case in the strongest possible manner to both the jury and mediator, increasing the likelihood of a fair and just settlement.

Drawing from our wealth of experience in handling a vast number of personal injury cases in various jurisdictions, we compare your case with similar injury cases, helping to determine potential compensation, including those for economic and non-economic damages.

In conclusion, every personal injury case is unique. Determining what constitutes a fair settlement offer requires expertise, experience, and an understanding of the specific factors relevant to your situation. The attorneys at Spetsas Buist PLLC can provide you with the representation you need to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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For more information on personal injury cases in general, you can download our free personal injury guide: P.I. 101: Your Quick Guide to Personal Injury Claims.