Who Pays for Medical Bills After a Bicycle Accident?Bicycle accidents can be catastrophic and can turn a person’s world upside down, both literally and figuratively. One of the most significant concerns after a bicycle accident is who will be responsible for paying for medical bills. The answer to this question is complex and depends on various factors, including who caused the accident, where the accident occurred, and the insurance policies involved.

At our law firm, we understand the challenges you may face after a bicycle accident. So, in this article, we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive guide to understanding who is liable for paying medical bills after a bicycle accident in Orlando, Florida. We also offer tips on how to navigate the process to ensure you receive proper medical care without bearing the financial burden.

Sources of Payment for Medical Bills After a Bicycle Accident in Orlando, Florida

The source of payment for your medical bills after an Orlando bicycle accident will depend on the specific facts of your case. Here are some of the common sources of payment for medical bills:

Health Insurance Coverage

Your private health insurance provider, Medicaid, or Medicare may pay your medical bills related to the bicycle accident. However, the insurance provider may have a subrogation claim against the proceeds of an injury claim. The provider can demand reimbursement for medical bills it paid related to the bicycle accident if you receive compensation from a liable party.

PIP Insurance

Personal Protection Insurance (PIP) coverage is a no-fault insurance policy that pays medical bills regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Florida law requires drivers to carry PIP coverage, which may also cover bicycle accidents. However, PIP only covers up to $10,000 in medical expenses and lost wages, which may not be enough to cover all of your bills.

Liability Insurance for the Driver

If a driver caused the bicycle accident, their bodily injury liability insurance may cover your medical bills and other damages. However, the insurance company does not pay your medical providers directly. You cannot receive any funds for medical costs from the insurance company until the claim is settled, which could take a year or longer.

Liability Insurance from Another Party

If hazardous road conditions or a defective bicycle part caused your accident, you may be entitled to compensation from a property owner or bicycle manufacturer. As with a motorist claim, you will not receive any compensation for medical bills until the claim is settled.

Other Potential Sources

An experienced personal injury attorney in Orlando, Florida, will investigate all potential sources of compensation when investigating the bicycle accident. Therefore, your attorney may advise you that there are other potential sources of compensation for your injury claim in addition to the above sources.

How Can an Orlando Bicycle Accident Attorney Help if You Cannot Pay Your Medical Bills?

After a bicycle accident, receiving medical treatment is essential to protect your health and your legal rights. However, medical bills can quickly add up, causing financial stress and uncertainty, especially if you cannot afford to pay them. Here are some ways our experienced bicycle accident attorneys can help you if you cannot pay your medical bills.

Finishing Treatment

You will usually need to finish your medical treatment or have a full grasp of your medical condition before you try to settle your bike accident claim. This means that it could take some time before you receive any money for your claim. However, you should seek medical treatment to protect your health and your legal rights and, once you’re finished treating, your attorney can present your medical bills and other economic damages to the insurance company.

Medical Treatment on a Lien

If you cannot afford to pay your medical bills and do not have insurance to cover them, your attorney may be able to help. Some medical providers may be willing to treat you "on a lien," which is sometimes called a “letter of protection” in Florida. This means they may be willing to wait to get paid until you settle your claim. They will then be paid from the proceeds of the settlement before you receive any money.

Negotiating Medical Bills

If you do not receive enough money to pay your medical bills in full, you are legally responsible for payment of the bills. However, your Orlando bicycle accident lawyer may be able to negotiate a lower payment with some or all of your medical providers so that you can pay off the medical bills and receive some money for your bicycle accident claim.

Ensuring a Fair Settlement Offer

At Spetsas Buist PLLC, we are dedicated to making sure that you receive fair compensation for your bicycle accident claim. Our experienced bicycle accident attorneys will review all settlement offers to ensure that they are fair and reasonable. In other words, we won’t recommend that you settle your case unless we’re confident you’re getting what you’re entitled to.

Have You Been Injured in a Bicycle Accident in Orlando, Florida?

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