Client was seeing two dentists for his dental treatment. One dentist was responsible for Client’s surgical procedures (Dentist 1), like dental implants and sinus lift procedures. The other dentist (Dentist 2) was responsible for client’s prosthesis. Client underwent surgical procedures initially to build a foundation of dental implants for his denture. Client underwent multiple surgical procedures over the course of about one year, which included several failed implants and several failed sinus lift procedures.

After three surgeries, Dentist 2 created a denture for Client. The denture continued to cause Client problems. In addition, Client was experiencing a tremendous amount of pain. So, Client did some research and discovered that a world-renowned implant dentist was fairly close to Client and offered free evaluations. Client went to see that dentist and was surprised to hear that the dental work done by Dentist 1 and Dentist 2 was done poorly.

Client, nevertheless, returned to the care of Dentist 1 and Dentist 2 to give them a chance to fix the issues they caused. Over time, Client’s dental condition continued to worsen. Ultimately, Client grew tired of the pain, frustration, and guesswork. He decided to return to the world-renowned dentist to have his work done properly. After several years of treatment, he had nothing to show for the nearly $40,000 he had spent on his dental work. In return for his money, he had received improperly placed implants and a denture that he could not use.

Client decided to pursue a dental malpractice claim because the treatment he needed had to be paid out of pocket because his dental insurance had been used up Dentist 1 and Dentist 2. Client was frustrated because he had not received what he paid for; he had spent a tremendous amount of time and money on his dental treatment; and now he would need to pay another dentist to do the work he had already paid for.

Ultimately, the dentists did the right thing, and a settlement was reached without the need for costly litigation. Client will never regain his lost time, but he did receive a proper amount of money for what he went through.

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